Overworld Vs Nether ESCAPE ROOM Build Battle - Minecraft
Skeppy and Captain Puffy Compete In An Escape Room Build Battle!

Today I stressed out Captain Puffy LMAO in a really fun and interesting Build Battle hahah. But this time we are building AND solving our very own Escape Room's. Also we themed it! I had an Overworld theme - shut up I didn't forget guys everything is technically overworld - and Puffy's was Nether themed. Pretty easy, right? Puffy even included prizes which was honestly just the best thing ever hahaha! She totally didn't cheat by looking over the wall, by the way, I guess it's those "spidey senses" she was talking about it. Even Rat makes an appearance! Also like all of her questions were BadBoyHalo themed... Thanks Puffy. At least I have a voucher to make up for it. This video was so fun and funny to make so if you enjoyed please hit this video with a like :D If this gets 100k likes maybe I'll challenge another SLtoosr to a fun Build Battle!! Also sub to @CaptainPuffy she is the best :D
Also! I will be uploading the BBH footage in a couple hours if you're looking for it.
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Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed runner / survivalist in Minecraft against a killer / assassin / hitmen but it's Captain Puffy stressing out for 15 minutes LMAO
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  • Canaan Richardson
    Canaan Richardson

    Skeppy you did ur math wrong. It's 6, not 24

  • PlayingWmaX! / lol
    PlayingWmaX! / lol


  • Masterblades

    U r the new prestonplayz

  • Yoyo Trick Tutorials
    Yoyo Trick Tutorials

    Skeppy BEDMAS so 60/5(7-2)=60/5(2)=60/10=6!

  • Couch Protato
    Couch Protato

    SKEEPY the answer is 6 it goes PEMDAS perenthesis first so 2*5 take the 60/10 and its six

  • Golden Fire
    Golden Fire


  • Alyssa Ridley
    Alyssa Ridley

    Me in year 7 got it in ten seconds not even lol

  • jensen stack
    jensen stack

    The answer was six you first do 7-5 which is 2 and times that by the 5 so now the equation is 60/10

  • Ting Ting Yang
    Ting Ting Yang

    She not he

  • Layla Bradford
    Layla Bradford

    When skeppy does this stuff he says "they" or "they'll" forgetting how he's playing with.

  • Claire Cole
    Claire Cole


  • Eddcentric

    puffy was rlly good damn

  • The rise of Jacob
    The rise of Jacob

    Get roasted by the comments

  • Alina Amjad
    Alina Amjad

    1:58 wait...if ur making a overworld escape right? But isn’t crimson planks found in da nether???

  • Anime Chaser
    Anime Chaser

    It’s exactly 6

  • Minetok

    10:52 the button is literally infront of skeppy lmao

  • Nilam Mishra
    Nilam Mishra


  • Esmat Wael
    Esmat Wael

    1:12 mIneCrAf

  • Declan Fitzgerald
    Declan Fitzgerald


  • Arseil the fluffy bluewolf
    Arseil the fluffy bluewolf


  • Isaac McFeat
    Isaac McFeat

    Skeppy really that pink wood is only found in the nether

  • Mrinal Sarkar
    Mrinal Sarkar


  • Mrinal Sarkar
    Mrinal Sarkar

    uhhhhh.............Skeppy it is 6 and not 24

  • Eleanor Wilder
    Eleanor Wilder

    It’s 6 60/5(7-5) 2 5x2 60/10

  • Ethan Uriarte
    Ethan Uriarte

    The answer to skeppy math today was 24!

  • Jorre Stevens
    Jorre Stevens

    Nice vidio skep

  • K Jayanth
    K Jayanth

    Nice video keep it up make more related videos

  • Mikey Smith
    Mikey Smith

    6 my dude maths

  • Sid Loft
    Sid Loft

    right as skeppy says "subscribe" i subscribe lol

  • Cedric Saunders
    Cedric Saunders

    r o b

  • unknown


  • Zychik R
    Zychik R

    With the math problem, the answer 24 would be incorrect. The only way to get 24 is by dividing 60 by 5, then subtracting 5 from 7 in the parentheses, which will leave you with 12x2 = 24. But you have to do parentheses first according to the order of operations, therefore 24 is the incorrect answer.

  • Kasno kasno
    Kasno kasno


  • Jacob Pulice
    Jacob Pulice

    i miss the old skippy

  • kegonzo

    skeppy swears so much off cam he ses the f word

  • Coco Wang
    Coco Wang

    POV: you are a diamond block and you just found the female sheep version of yourself

  • Ryanne duck MERT Gamer Dee
    Ryanne duck MERT Gamer Dee

    -4:28 when puffy watches this video she is going to realize that skeppy wrote down another page that said bbh is the real answer

  • Wixiditys

    she said UwU instead of Owo

  • dog20 two
    dog20 two

    It’s 6

  • KillaCatzGames

    My brain is dying since it's 6 but ok

  • Boutournik

    14:45 u can hear the iPhone when u close ur screen she was using phone @skeppy lmao😂😂😂

  • Erwin Lawagan
    Erwin Lawagan

    I tink puffy is better than skeppy

  • Paul Personne
    Paul Personne


  • RedJellyJam

    He literally looked at the button... 10:53

  • BeeOrbit 125
    BeeOrbit 125

    everyone hates dirt me i love it because if its hardcore your using dirt to farm if u spawn i stand on dirt

  • Sebastien McGaffin
    Sebastien McGaffin


  • Sebastien McGaffin
    Sebastien McGaffin

    BRU TIS 22

  • Shravan K
    Shravan K

    Skeppy and sheepy *puffy* have something going on

  • Goldfish Crackers
    Goldfish Crackers

    it’s 6 you bumshagger

  • brianBeast

    skeppy the simp🙂

  • Matthew Chavez360
    Matthew Chavez360


  • Carina Garcia
    Carina Garcia


  • Huawei honor
    Huawei honor


  • Nyaire Rowe
    Nyaire Rowe

    Anyone mad that skeppy used nether wood

  • Teacher for Christ!
    Teacher for Christ!

    dude, you walked right pass the button.

  • Seb Campers (5WWI6)
    Seb Campers (5WWI6)

    60/5(7-5)=6 lol

  • Luka Gazulli
    Luka Gazulli

    Have you ever cryd

  • Luka Gazulli
    Luka Gazulli

    Have you ever

  • Luka Gazulli
    Luka Gazulli

    How do you ever cried

  • Streams4Charities

    Wait at the end you had BadBoy doing the same escape room. Where is that video?

    • Jerome Kaiser
      Jerome Kaiser

      the viedeo is on the skep channel

  • Ratatted

    9:53 Why Was In the chest???

  • Elita Lee
    Elita Lee

    That is simple math

  • bro Ski
    bro Ski

    guys did u know that 50% of u-

    • AlexRuano 9
      AlexRuano 9


  • Step Drè
    Step Drè

    4:48 my brain just doesn’t work- 7:16 ight bye boys see you in hell cus ain’t any of us going to heaven

    • cringy kid Super cringe
      cringy kid Super cringe

      I sub to you

  • Toxic Omツ
    Toxic Omツ

    Puffy is so wholesome UwU

  • i dont know what im doing
    i dont know what im doing

    hi skeppy i like ur videos

  • michael pang
    michael pang

    WTF ITS 6

  • Dualed

    60/5(7-5) = 10. simple math

  • Roblox games vidéos Fr
    Roblox games vidéos Fr

    You like dimon

  • YeetNinja

    umm skeppy the answer to the math problem is 6

    • YeetNinja

      @BoBombDaNom redo the math problem. You will get 6 if you do it right and use pemdas.

    • BoBombDaNom

      Its 14 srry dude

    • YeetNinja

      @BoBombDaNom it’s not srry

    • BoBombDaNom

      Its 14

    • YeetNinja

      @BoBombDaNom u are actually wrong

  • Thatguy25

    💧︎🙵♏︎◻︎◻︎⍓︎ ♓︎⬧︎ ♋︎ ❒︎♏︎♋︎●︎●︎⍓︎ ♐︎◆︎■︎■︎⍓︎ ♑︎◆︎⍓︎

  • Spatular

    wait the answer wasnt 6?

  • goodboy99

    wait but it isn't 24 it's 6

  • Orca Sapien
    Orca Sapien

    At first I called do you puppy puffy I’m sorry it was kind of funny

  • StepBroDerpy


  • Sonia Kausar
    Sonia Kausar


  • Morgan Miner
    Morgan Miner

    The answer is 6 because of the order of PEMDAS. 60/5(7-5). It’s easy once you break it down. Parentheses are first. 7-5=2. The new equation is 60/5(2). Now multiplication is next. 5(2)=10. Now the equation is 60/10. 60/10=6. The answer sadly was 6 and not 24.

  • NuggetBoi556


  • Its Br0k3n
    Its Br0k3n

    alright. 60/5(7-5) we start with the parentheses 7-5=2 60/5(2) then we do the calculation next to the parentheses. since there is no symbol, it is automatically multiplication 5*2=10 60/10 then we divide the last part up 60/10=6 there we have it, 6 the answer is 6

  • Ender Mixxer
    Ender Mixxer

    I'm stupid, it's 23

  • Ender Mixxer
    Ender Mixxer

    when you get 5 on the math problem

  • Fly Bruh
    Fly Bruh

    Over ORS

  • Epic Star
    Epic Star

    Poor badboyhalo

  • Ognjen Jelly
    Ognjen Jelly

    8:29 i am a redsrone genius

  • jona's place
    jona's place


  • The Oreo
    The Oreo

    Ah yes, when 60/5(7-5) is actually 24 and not 6 even though you could look it up and any calculator says the answer is 6 😩

    • The Oreo
      The Oreo

      @ViggoMeister I’m a dumbass

    • ViggoMeister

      Well my calculator says it 24 😅 60÷5×(7-5)=24

  • blazexd29

    I'm sad for puffy

  • Gao Xing
    Gao Xing

    When skeppy said I’m going to go

    • Gao Xing
      Gao Xing

      Go For a overworld theme and littrely put down nether block

  • Ethan Lauer
    Ethan Lauer

    Isn't the answer 6 because if you multiply 5 by7 and 5 by five you get 35 and 25. Then you subtract 25 from 35 and get 10. Then 60 divided by 10 is 6. Use PEMDAS.

    • Healed Hydra
      Healed Hydra

      It’s 6 just the way you got it was kinda wrong you do 7-5 to get 2 and then multiply 5 by 2 and get 10 and then you divide 60 by 10 and get 6.

    • Ethan Lauer
      Ethan Lauer

      Please explain how you did it if you disagree.

  • EndermanZ2Fan

    the math makes my brain hurt

  • ur mom
    ur mom

    What we found out from this video: Puffy is the biggest Skephalo shipper ever

  • ツmushroommello

    Alternate title: puffy being a skephalo shipper for 16 minutes

  • Keith


  • Rainow Snow
    Rainow Snow

    SKEEPY! It’s not 24 it’s 6 🙁

    • axelito555

      How the hell did you get to 6?

  • Rainow Snow
    Rainow Snow


  • DBD Venom
    DBD Venom

    "Its just simple math" he says, skeppy its 6

  • Amaya Takahashi
    Amaya Takahashi

    60/5=12 7-5=2 12/2=6 Stay in school kids, it’ll help you prove Skeppy wrong in math

  • Perla -.-
    Perla -.-

    We talked about a problem in my class because someone presented this video- it was amazing :]

  • Matty O'Brien
    Matty O'Brien


    • Matty O'Brien
      Matty O'Brien

      hes evolving

  • Michelle peter
    Michelle peter

    Is puffy a girl