I Troll BadBoyHalo in Bedwars
Skeppy Trolls BadBoyHalo in Bedwars
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Today BadBoyHalo and I 1v1 on Hypixel Bedwars! The only twist is we can't destroy each other's beds for AT LEAST 10 minutes. This leads to some pretty hilarious moments, I may have stolen some emeralds and maybe even some diamonds? Bad turns his regular Hot Dog Strategy into a SUPER Hot Dog Strategy?? But Obsidian is no match for my Master Plan LMAO. He was no match for my Heal Pool tbh. Anyway he literally ended up rage quitting so if you enjoyed this video hit it with a like please I am sure it'll make him feel better. I worry about him sometimes, honestly what would he do without me?
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin but it is me and BadBoyHalo 1v1ing in Bedwars!!

  • Hurricane Gaming
    Hurricane Gaming

    skeppy be like: you receive i receive 😂😂😂 revenge :)

  • Ofelia Torres
    Ofelia Torres

    Muffins 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😆🤣🤣🤣🤣☺️🤣☺️🤣🤣☺️🤣☺️🤣☺️🤣☺️🤣☺️🤣 😆😆😆 lol

  • Embri Gaming
    Embri Gaming

    0:38 pls tell me music name I must know PLS

  • Deen Ashir
    Deen Ashir

    Skeppy do you watch the 7 deadly sins

  • Cian Conneely
    Cian Conneely


  • Shamirah SMKIH
    Shamirah SMKIH

    Did I heard bbh swear went he fall into the void with emarald and diamond

  • Janay Moore
    Janay Moore

    11:11 badboyhalo curse

  • Hi, im new here
    Hi, im new here

    "upload daily Minecraft content" LMAOOOOOO

  • Dustine Jason Buragay
    Dustine Jason Buragay

    thats 1000 IQ

  • Tommer Kerem
    Tommer Kerem

    captions dobe like: this seems pretty easy gibby-

  • Pavish Jain
    Pavish Jain

    r.i.p badboyhalo 2021 - 2021

  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker

    5:36 Kokichi has entered the chat

  • CoolGuyIsHere

    Bruh skeppy just throws his stuff in the void like a cheater

  • SithDarthStormtrooper

    7:40 What is the music's name?

  • Tanksda Name
    Tanksda Name

    I swear thou BBH and Skep are like Mr Cheese and the Gentleman from Gametoons

  • Melvin Philip
    Melvin Philip

    whats the song u use

  • Kanda神田

    Skeppy using a fire emblem ost? That’s new.. I like

  • ToyBonnieTheDankMeme

    "If you hate me Later, you can Unsubscribe." Cheese, even when I didn't watch for a While, I never hated Skeppy, I'm still Subscribed to. Skeppy's Funny :3

  • SkyTheGamer65 YT
    SkyTheGamer65 YT

    Skeppy: Pls sub Me: ok DIAMOND BLOCK BOY

  • Spring7320

    Diamond boi

  • ShapedApple 5456
    ShapedApple 5456

    Do you mind if I use some parts of this video as a funny moment?

  • Marcello Ortiz
    Marcello Ortiz

    the rich get richer lol

  • Hazel Rat
    Hazel Rat

    Bbh:do,not,worry,ab,ou,t it! Skeppy:I worry about u :) 1:55

  • Phuong Nguyen
    Phuong Nguyen

    It’s not trolling it’s simply being good at the game.

  • Persie shah
    Persie shah

    Skeppy has 100 IQ

  • Akki

    I like how Skeppy will buy 5 potions e-chest none of them but NEVER obby

  • CJ Chipchase
    CJ Chipchase

    hey, could I ask what bedwars server you're playing on?

    • CJ Chipchase
      CJ Chipchase

      @xparmida lol thanks, I'm gonna need it

    • xparmida

      @CJ Chipchase good luck

    • CJ Chipchase
      CJ Chipchase

      @xparmida oh thanks. i was gonna try this trick on it. :)

    • xparmida

      its on hypixel:)

  • FentonPVP

    Hotdog strategy works every time skeppy breaks bbh bed

  • Kong Sovanmony
    Kong Sovanmony

    What music is this 7:43

  • letex ros
    letex ros


  • Shield Nightmare
    Shield Nightmare

    What is the background song at 6:00

  • Loaf Master 5000
    Loaf Master 5000


  • Unaware

    Are they dating?🤔

    • Nightmare anime foxy ✓
      Nightmare anime foxy ✓


  • Ben The Beast
    Ben The Beast

    *Ahem* Daily content huh

  • Gigi

    Hey I ❗

  • Quinnten Hudson
    Quinnten Hudson

    He spelled queue wrong

  • BlackMagic

    3:59 he ran up to skeppy and screamed "AHH!" as an attack

  • Maxxew

    Idk how this is a troll but its a good vid

  • Krafty

    i love how bbh is the 6 year old adapting the rules so he can win and skeppy, the teenager who wins against all the conditions he made

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  • Salvin

    What's up guys today I am trolling bbh almost every intro of skeppy video 😂

  • XxBrookieOnCrackxX UwU
    XxBrookieOnCrackxX UwU

    Am I the only person that hardcore ships skephalo 😭❤️

  • xavi lochie
    xavi lochie

    Alternative title: 15 minutes of skeppy and BBH fighting over ems

  • HellFire Gaming
    HellFire Gaming


  • BIC

    2:41 pissed me off the most I HATE BADBOYHALO

  • daily dosage of edits
    daily dosage of edits

    Guys his hot dog is now becoming a super hotdog ;o

  • Lol with Juliana
    Lol with Juliana

    Skeppy get a techcher pack

  • Eli Rivera
    Eli Rivera

    Yff go at h tiring epithet iujk

  • シRainily

    "Daily Minecraft posted" where's out post skeppy? Huh its been a week "diamond black boi"🥲

  • strellixx


  • “{alex}”

    omg I love it like always 🥺🥰 (🐙)

  • Eva Potts
    Eva Potts

    he just got a little mad bbh NO NO

  • Among sus Playz
    Among sus Playz

    And i was here sitting here thinking skeppy woud never use cheats in this

  • Jujhar Singh
    Jujhar Singh

    I love your vids

  • PVPbossXYZ

    motion blur?

  • GCB2008

    You should have tried taking his wool and swapping it with yours so he destroyed his own and protected yours

  • Awu3

    “Daily minecraft content”? More like 2 WEEKLY CONTENT THINGP

  • NeverHack BG
    NeverHack BG

    12:55 looks like 9/11 lol

  • Galaxy G4ming Devil
    Galaxy G4ming Devil

    Never Underestimate Skeppy

  • Randomness And Chaos Gaming
    Randomness And Chaos Gaming

    I like how to they use muffin as curse words XDDD

  • Skeleton Creeper2012
    Skeleton Creeper2012

    Hi skep

  • Burning Godzilla
    Burning Godzilla

    Me when i drop my pizza: 1:38


    zak u eat bads

  • Black Baby Crewmate YT
    Black Baby Crewmate YT

    New name for skeppy: skeppers

  • firewolf156

    Why are you playing on an older version of Minecraft

  • katie w.
    katie w.

    Thats what I did in 4 by 4 by 4 by 4s and my teamate saw me mining the obby he said smart :3

  • isaac h
    isaac h

    11:01 ngl i haven't seen any clips better then that

  • Drake Shao
    Drake Shao

    "The most greatest consistent DIAMOND BLOCK BOY LOLLLL

  • Charles Spears
    Charles Spears

    6:42 finn is that you?

  • Jahir Borjas
    Jahir Borjas

    "Yup, that's me"

  • juan.

    The way bbh scream when ambushing skeppy is precious

  • Nick the man D
    Nick the man D


  • Anime Boyyy
    Anime Boyyy


  • skeleton_slasher

    skeppy i have challenged you to pick 3 herbie's bug's in minecraft

  • its hero
    its hero

    I love the video

  • Mervin Ace
    Mervin Ace

    skeppy: he was just.... i little bit "upset" bbh:NO! NO!

  • Delilah Arthur
    Delilah Arthur


  • That dude that you just that you i am
    That dude that you just that you i am

    skeppy when someone drops stuff jump for it then pearl

  • xbla5

    diamond blohk

  • SlurpNinja

    Yes i notice that ceeday background music 😏

  • Meev_BG

    13:37 hhhhHhHHHhHhhhhh XD very nice hhhhhhhhh

  • Danial here
    Danial here

    I dont know which was more important......my homework or watching skeppy video🤔

  • Ayesha Amjad
    Ayesha Amjad

    can you name your minecraft username Skeppy To Diamond boy noob :)

  • Shadow Gaming09
    Shadow Gaming09

    BBH is that non-fun little kid that is t fair like if your Battleing action figures and always makes up rules like, “my guy can fly” and “yours can’t fly his wings broke”

  • Dragon Slayer
    Dragon Slayer

    BBH is a sore loser sometimes

  • Royce Reyes
    Royce Reyes

    You don’t need Diamond Armor because you are already diamond

  • Erica Liu
    Erica Liu

    I did that in bed wars once but with a strangers

  • Noah Hebert
    Noah Hebert

    Can you troll him again

  • Her Man
    Her Man

    What is the backsound song name

    • FlameX Gaming
      FlameX Gaming

      fire emblem three houses fodlan winds

  • Audrey's_Right_Pinky_Finger_Nex's_mind

    What tf is telegraph 💀

  • pandaplays

    Omg you argue like my parents

  • Candy Ngo
    Candy Ngo

    Why didn’t you took bbh’s bed when you could?

    • Candy Ngo
      Candy Ngo

      Never mind

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    results! 15 out of 7

  • Sankalp Kumar
    Sankalp Kumar

    4:07 gamer move from badboyhalo

  • Parrot


  • Olivier

    If you want to skip it go to this 0:38

  • Arjun Arava
    Arjun Arava

    Bedboyhalo Get it

  • George xydous
    George xydous

    y baz warz

  • HamsterJade

    Loving the fire emblem music

    • FlameX Gaming
      FlameX Gaming

      lmao me as well

  • Doggy Cute
    Doggy Cute